Who is this guy?

Hi, nice to meet you – I'm Kajoseh.
Currently stepping up to make the Kibera Arts District all it can be.

About Me

I serve as a the daily manager, some call me a gallerist for HOF Gallery Kibera and help co-curate and hang shows.

Served as co-manager for the first ever community parade in Kibera that took place December 2023. On the core team for planning for 'Kibera Arts Parade 2024'.

Have my own studio exploring mixed media and use of repurposed materials in most of my creations.

Enjoy creating murals on my own as well as working collaboratively or as a team. Currently co-managing the huge mural project called King's & Queen's Kibandas in the Kibera Arts District that will have more than 100 hundred artists participating and will be a full traveling art exhibition as well as an art catalogue.

You also might find me in the Kibera Hot glass making glass beads from recycled bottles and turning it into some pretty smart jewelry and other creative collaborations with many artists.

I love exploring with materials and meeting new artists and art collector's . It is easy to find me in the Kibera Arts District, usually in the HOF Gallery Kibera or nearby.

What I believe in


Without fully committing to anything, you're not going to achieve much at all.
Collaborations need a strong team of committed people and I try to be just that.


If you're not going to deliver details to the best of your ability, then you're just wasting everyone's time. Cause details are what makes a project successful.


In today's world of social media it is hard to find the details and professional followup.

I may not be perfect but I am striving to do my best with good communication to make any project I am part not only a success but enjoyable to be a part of.

Dare to be bold

The world is full of average people and outcomes – I want my art to bold and dare to stand out.

Push yourself and the team to see where ideas can go.